young kakashi *____*

one of those things I haven't found a place to post yet...

*shrug* it's not that I don't write T&B fic, but it's just that my other fic ideas have me really bogged down (recently I've been suffering from slow progress - WRITER'S BOG) and I really don't want to distract myself anymore.

Plus, I just got hit by ANOTHER idea (probably going to be a oneshot, thank goodness...) so it'll be a while before I have time to try anything else. XD

oh well, here's a scene-ish thingy I wrote for the following prompt: "Let's have a role reversal-type thing. Instead of a tsun Bunny and a hot-blooded veteran Tiger, we have: -a bitter, hedgehog syndrome Kotetsu who is bent on avenging his wife's death (instead of a disease, she was killed) who doesn't trust anyone and has qualms about suddenly being paired up with a young rookie. -a very enthusiastic, hot-blooded Barnaby who is almost like a younger, more eager but much less experienced Sky High, who really wants to not disappoint his senior partner Kotetsu."

my brain will grumble at me if I try a full AU, so I prefer to write what-if oneshots. :3


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