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The 'trust vs believe in' of Windchime's chapter 5 is something which slowly emerged as I worked my way through it... I wanted to show that there's something deeper in the relationship between them, and bring extra emphasis to that double promise. Both of them have some pretty serious blind spots when it comes to the value of their own lives - Kakashi's "It's okay if I die as long as others are safe" mentality is conscious and Naruto's is more in the subconscious, but in the end they're very much the same.

Kakashi's the type who'll grimly walk towards his demise knowing that if he does this he WILL die, but another, (to him) greater objective will be achieved. (and he did, against Pain. T_T) Naruto's the type who'll charge at what everyone views as certain death knowing that he's taking a huge risk and not exactly expected to live thorough this, but he'll do it anyway. (against Sasuke, Akatsuki people, Nagato, Kyuubi, Tobi, really a lot - and also in the movies: aside from the Big Bads of each movie, remember the first Shippuuden movie? With the priestess Shion and her prophecy that he's going to die, but he carries on anyway. And now, agains Hiruko, even when every single attack hasn't been effective so far and with all his stolen kekkei genkai he's near invincible.) He's also willing to die for what he believes in and the promise he has made.

Naruto's "don't die" request is asking Kakashi not to pay his own life for their victory, and Kakashi's "don't die" request is asking Naruto not to get killed as he charges against an impossibly strong foe.

...Sooooooooooooo, what Minato did was a rather 'Kakashi' type of sacrifice, but it's not the same because he didn't run off to die alone, instead his family trusted him and they stayed together. And then Minato and Kushina fought together so that their son would live and be strong one day. (however, if Naruto timetravelled to that point... you know he'd object. loudly and desperately and tearfully and. yes this is a fic idea XD I might try it soon. possible plot is timetravelling!Naruto gets Kakashi out of that barrier - because just imagine the crushing survivor's guilt and feeling of useless he must have had after he realised the last few people who were precious to him died not-very-far-away in battle and *he couldn't do anything about it* - and tries to find another way that doesn't result in the death of his parents.)