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MC: So now we move on to our next question! Which character would you want to voice, apart from your own? Naruto-san, please go first.
Naruto: Eh? Me? Mm... There are actually a lot of characters I'd like to try – well, two most of all.
MC: Tell us one of them first.
Naruto: A cat! :3
Everyone: Haaaaaaaaah??
MC: Well, you certainly look like one... How about a demonstration?
Naruto: Oh, okay! Sure, here I go... meow~
*fangirls scream*
Naruto: Meeeeeow~ mrrw... meeeeeeee-ow! Nya~
*more fangirl screaming*
MC: Calm down, everyone, calm down... Right! Thank you for that... interesting... demonstration, now what about the other character you want to do?
Naruto: MRAWR!! >:3
*shocked moment of silence*
MC: ...Whoa, that was... wow. Anyway, please let go of Kakashi-san, he looks a bit shocked...
Naruto: Nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyan...
MC: Hey wait – wait, stop! That's enough for now, stop!
Another seiyuu: I didn't know he could sing Nyan cat – in fact I didn't know anyone could sing Nyan Cat at all.
MC: ...Anyway!! You haven't given an answer for the second question yet, Naruto-san –
Naruto: But I totally did! See? I pounced on him!
MC: You don't mean... Kakashi-san's character? Really? Well that was unexpected...
Naruto: Heh! 8D