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description practice! ^_^

As I've been neglecting my own journal in favour of LJ comms and FFN, here are some random description practice! :D They're all separated by line breaks with a "." in them, and they're all completely unrelated. (:

First, let's have some KakaNaru:

Kakashi looked on in curious, watchful silence as Naruto hesitated. Blue eyes narrowed as they drifted slowly to the side, slanting downwards. His gaze was parallel to the shadows cast by his long, blond lashes, flickering above high cheekbones.


Pretty *_* but plotless. XD
Now, have another! 8D

Naruto literally splatted on the table, laughing helplessly, as Kakashi spluttered and flailed in mortification.

Plotless description practices:


He forced a dubious smile onto his scrunched-up face and flailed his arms unconvincingly, looking like a dizzy jellyfish.


The boy gave him what was halfway between a huff and a squinty pout, crossly puffing out a breath of air which made the stray locks of his hair jump, as if startled, before settling disgruntledly and messily in front of his forehead.


He dragged his gaze across the room, slowly and deliberately, finally meeting the other's eye with his usual air of careless insolence.


She flopped onto the table, head resting on her arms, and closed her eyes in exhaustion. After a long, heavy sigh, she cracked one eye open and peered sleepily at him.

An expectant pause.


She closed the eye again, and proceeded to promptly fall asleep.


As if he had sensed the rather intent stare directed at the back of his head, the man turned and glanced at him. He met the puzzled stare for the briefest moment, then let his gaze slide casually to the side and resisted the urge to look back. It would be much less convincing if he tried to sneak a second glance when he was Most Definitely Not Staring.


The boy flicked a quick glance at him, so fast he could not catch that briefest glimpse of something that flashed in the bright gaze.



She smiled embarrassedly, averting her eyes and blushed steadily at the wall.


Silence. A blank face, a pair of uncaring eyebrows set perfectly parallel to expressionless eyes.


Eyes wide and blank and glassy like someone ripped the soul out of them.

There was nothing in those eyes, nothing at all - no surprise no pain no anger no sadness regret recognition


Plus a final random thing I wrote which doesn't really make much sense:

"Dammit!" He raised his eyebrows, glancing over at the other man with blank indifference.

"Nobody said it was easy," he remarked nonchalantly, and received a frustrated growl in reply.

"But no one ever said it would be so – damned – difficult!!"

He snorted, looking completely unimpressed.

"Of course they didn't," he replied carelessly, with an insolent tilt of the head. "Why would anyone ever say so, you silly goose?"


None of that actually makes much SENNNNNNNSE XDDDDD