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Mole. Ahh so cute ^^


The Mole (in the Czech original called Krtek, or Krteček (little mole); Slovak Krtko; German der Maulwurf; Hungarian Kisvakond; Polish Krecik) is an animated character in a series of cartoons, created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler.

It was first to be seen in 1956 in Prague, when Miler wanted to create a children's cartoon about how flax is processed. He wanted a strong Disney-influence to the cartoon by choosing an animal for the leading role, and decided to pick a mole after stumbling over a molehill during a walk. The first film called "Jak krtek ke kalhotkám přišel" ("How the mole got his pants") was released in 1956, and the cute main character won itself an enormous popularity in many Eastern European countries as well as Germany, Austria, India and China. Production for further episodes started in 1963 and since then, around 50 episodes have been created.

The first episode of the cartoon was narrated, but Miler wanted the cartoon to be understood in every country of the world, so he decided to use his daughters as voice actors, reducing the speech to short non-figurative exclamations in order to express the mole's feelings and world perception. They also became the bottleneck of the creation process as they were the ones who got to see the whole film first, thus Miler was able to decide whether the message of the movie was able to get to children or not.

I grew up watching this adorable cartoon. <3

IT IS SO CUTE *____*

here, watch one:

I can whistle the soundtrack. XD


Just aack aack aack so adorable. <333

I found a notebook with pictures from this cartoon in Czech, and oh gosh I squeeeeeeeed so so hard over it before buying all their stock. (they had three. only three ;_; )

My mum's a kindergarten teacher and she shows this cartoon - we brought the VCDs with us to Singapore ten years ago - to the kids. THEY LOVE IT. XDDD

Sure, I'm already fifteen but this never fails to make me squee and go *___* because it is just so ADORABLE. <3



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10th Oct, 2010 22:20 (UTC)
HOLY SHIT, you found Mole in youtube?! I adore that cartoon! &hearts But it's never around these days. (Also, globalization FTW, I'm European and we watched the same cartoon as kids? &hearts)

Random stalking comment is random. XD
11th Oct, 2010 03:06 (UTC)
XDDD can't believe I could actually find it... some of the older ones got taken off but another person uploaded a hoard. <3<3<3

Ah I suggest you use clipnabber.com or zamzar.com to download these videos then? XD I have the VCDs, so... kinda lazy. XD

but yes. I UTTERLY ADORE THIS CARTOON. and sometimes I just randomly take out my Mole notebook and squee/giggle over all the adorable pics. <333 Bought three in Czech Republic for... er, 10 crowns I think? eh? 100? -has completely forgotten how Czech currency works...-


I grew up watching this instead of Disney and Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Well, I did watch some of those after coming to Singapore, but... not even near as nice. ;_;

a;lskdfj <3

oh, I stalk too. I stalk everyone on my friends list.

11th Oct, 2010 08:17 (UTC)




11th Oct, 2010 10:39 (UTC)
...Wow. *___* I had no idea Mole was that popular, when I was a kid I always thought it's some obscure small production. XD Partly the reason I was so surprised you had watched it... I mean, it's European, no?

I also have a happy day, my order arrived! I'm double glad because I moved abroad and my new address is kind of weird and I worried the package wouldn't find me. ^___^
11th Oct, 2010 11:07 (UTC)
haha 'cause every country has set up something at the shanghai expo, and now they're going to sell the merchandaise before they clear and go back. so hopefully when I get there I can buy a Mole!! And that rabbit too. And the mouse. And the owl.
...oh dear.
...self-control, rakku, self-control...

Hmm, China imported the Mole from Czech. It was actually quite popular I think? My Chinese teacher, who grew up in China and later came here to work, mentioned that he watched it when he was small too. XD

But this is awesome. <3

Hmm, what'd you order? (:

And sidenote, Europe is awesome. And pretty. *___*

11th Oct, 2010 11:14 (UTC)
...Can you post pictures if you take some? *__* Sounds like an awesome expo.

Yeah, I don't know... When I was a kid I just always thought that Europe was introverted and the rest of the world didn't know about us. XD Some of that apparently stuck with me...

...Some doujinshi. XD They're actually pretty dubious, which I was also worried about, I don't know about the customs here. But the sneaky seller had marked them as 'gift', so they probably just passed customs. XD I had thought only Koreans did that.

I have always thought the same about where you live. XD But Europe does tend to have a lot of historic buildings and such... And my university really has awesome buildings, they supposedly filmed Harry Potter partly here! &hearts
11th Oct, 2010 11:37 (UTC)
Hmm I'll try! ;D

Err, I think the importing was 'cause of... socialism...? Something like that. >.> Can't remember. XD

XD ahh doujin. I actually rarely read them, 'cause there's always some kind of problem when I try to download, and they aren't usually available for reading online. Also, parents Do Not Approve of jap stuff and anime and... don't even start on slash...
so yeah, no doujin for me. XD but 's okay, mostly, there's still fanfic and fanart out there <33

Whoa, seriously? ...interesting. Nice way to order dubious material, too. XD
Will my shuriken and kunai keychain get through customs? ;_; I don't dare to bring it with me even though I loooooove it... It was a birthday present from a friend of mine, and she probably got her parents or someone to help her buy 'cause that keychain has semi-realistic shuriken and kunai, which are delightfully sharp and pointy. <333 Those things require IC proof of being above age 18 before they let you buy. (insert rakku's long wail of WTF?! here. T_T)
And seeing as I can only buy Naruto merchandaise in secret... so, not a lot of sharp pointy objects for rakku.


Hmm, Singapore or just Asia in general? XD The main thing about Singapore is this: NO PRETTY COUNTRYSIDES.
Ah, I loved Salzburg and Vienna. ;__; Especially Salzburg, 'cause it was so quaint!! ^^ And not to mention, all those historic buildings and places that are Significant to musical history. *__* you could say it's a music student's heaven. XDDD

Seriously?! O: (wait where are you living and where did you live again? >.>)
(goes to see profile... Finland? Awesome.
My aunt and her family moved to Finland. XD It's kinda cold there, isn't it? -has not seen snow since she was five ;_; and shanghai never snows so... ;_;-)

XD really awesome. <33
11th Oct, 2010 14:17 (UTC)
I didn't know about socialism then, and I was born the year Soviet Union fell, so it was really just my own false idea. XD Though Finland was pretty introverted while SU was powerful, because we were right next door, so to say, and we couldn't piss them off. I mean, technically they never conquered us during the two wars we had during WW2, but that's just because we were persisted enough slowing them down (they had, like, 10x troops. And they never came at us with their full power) Yeah, sorry for the random history lecture. XD

Do you have winrar? I could maybe e-mail some of mine? I don't know if it would work, I barely manage to download things myself. XD

My mom has never tried to spy what I do. -blink- I could do all sorts of dubious things even before I was legally adult. And she's always been really open minded, I can even show her some of the pictures I draw! Ahh, I guess not everyone gets lucky. >___< But it won't be sucky forever! &hearts

Well, I bought a jitte and a shuriken when I was in Japan, and they got through. Then again, they were in my trunk and went in plane, so IDK about mail. And Europe might have a different policy, we are generally pretty lax compared to China and Singapore. XD

I like city landscapes, too. And China is awesome. *__* It's so old, been around, like, always! - I have been to Rome and wow did the feel of history hit me in the head. &hearts ...I have traveled a lot. ^^;

My home country is Finland, but I study in Glasgow. ^^ My university is centuries old. O__O

Finland is a lot less cold than it should (we are on same level with Siberia!) because of the Gulf stream and sea. But yeah, it can get cold in winter, and we have snow~ &hearts We don't have polar bears though, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! XD
11th Oct, 2010 14:42 (UTC)
-doesn't really get it either, moved to SG before I even went to primary school XD-

I don't mind the history <3! World history is awesome. Even though I know next to nothing about it >.> Buuut we don't learn world history ;__; ...Singapore history is kinda boring... :/

Hmm I think I have winrar! Or I can always download. XD

Ahh, you're lucky then. They kinda get suspicious when I keep on and on sleeping late. >.> But I always end up sleeping late whether I do schoolwork first or nice stuff first so... What started the investigation was actually completely Not My Fault. One of the idiots on my contact list got a virus in her comp, and thus it sent a weird message (y'know, the kind that goes "check out dis site! hot babezxzxzx") via msn.
I was trying to sleep off a fever then, so my parents saw the IM. -headslam- Thus started the invasion of my privacy, and unfortunately they either found the fanart I saved or the links in my favourites folder, or both.
Then they demanded my email's password, and so...
yeah. ><

But I shall not give up! XD I am still doing dubious things when they're not looking. And I got a new email account - and a new LJ - and stuff so it's... okay-ish? Tho very inconvenient. -shrugs-

Ah, I can't draw, but I do write rather a lot. My writing isn't exactly dubious...
...except to my parents. >.>

And thanks!! One of the reasons I'm looking forward to this immersion - and I'm flying off tomorrow <3 - is 'cause THEY WON'T BE HOVERING AND BREATHING DOWN MY NECK ALL THE TIME. Tho now I must deal with The Great Firewall of China, AND the school's firewall. ;_; Still, when I'm older it'd be much better. <3

XD I'll... just hide my shuriken and kunai keychain somewhere at home. 'Cause even if I bring it along it might get found out after I come back and unpack so... Ah well. XD

Nice! And whoa that is one ancient university. Awesome ^^

I'm still wondering what I should study in the future... I love lit and music, so my dream is kinda to become a writer and teach violin on the side.
I'm not that fond of the sciences, so... ^^;; But what needs to be learnt needs to be learnt, thus I have to study hard x.x
Ah well, it'd probably all get clearer when I go on to junior college next-next year. XD
Actually another option I can consider is conservatory >.> But like, it kinda narrows the scope of what I learn. Besides, the violin diplomas I take can be considered equivalent to certain numbers of years spent studying in a conservatory so I guess it's okay. :D

Ahh I see. *__* snow! (tho of course it looks prettier than it feels. XD)
I'd be dubious of polar bears, tho, I don't think they live there anyway. XDD But y'all do have reindeer there, right? -thinks- I think that's what my aunt said last time...

11th Oct, 2010 15:11 (UTC)
So is Finnish, mostly... WE were part of Sweden, then Russia, then we saw a chance when there was a revolution and kind of just sneaked off on the side. XD Also, Winter War was pretty awesome, (this link wont have a virus) http://www.smilespedia.com/finland-be-afraid-be-very-afraid/#more-1231 - I always find that hilarious even if it's somewhat misleading. XD

I wouldn't mind sending! <3 I already stalker-spotted your e-mail too. XD I have a lot, though, so I'll try to send you the better ones.

Okay, that sucks. >__< If that happened to me, I think my mom would just ask me, then accept the explanation. O__o But then again, I always seem to get away with everything even in school and such. - Once I forgot we still had one hour and went home. I told our teacher exactly this the following day, and what did she say? "Don't worry, these things can happen" XD The whole class had their jaw fall on the floor.

Ohh, sounds nice! I study biology, so I could explain how the cardiovascular system delivers oxygen to tissues and disposes of the excess carbon dioxide by converting it into carbonic acid and then to bicarbonates and reversing this process in alvioles. ...Sorry, I had a sudden urge to write science mumbo jumbo. XD Wanted to see if I could.

Never expect things to get clearer next level. X__x Well, I can only speak about myself, but things only get clearer after a huge amount of confusion first. XD Like here, hasn't been easy getting used to this. >__<

Also, snow gets ugly fast, it tends to capture all the dirt outside. =___= But falling snow is awesome. *__* We only have reindeer up in the North, I live in the Southern part. I have been in a sleigh pulled by reindeer once, during a vacation to Lapland. I only remember that my toes were freezing, though. XD
11th Oct, 2010 15:47 (UTC)
(ah, it is misleading? probably other factors in there? XD)
but it is epicly hilarious. (Y)

ahh, excellent. <33 -glomps!!!- ^___^ I look forward to it! (tho do specify which are dubious. XD I will be in a school after all... won't want to traumatize everyone. XD)

Yeah well >.>
OH YOU'VE DONE THAT TOO? XDDD I once forgot there was a music lesson arranged after our chemistry exam (hello who arranges lessons right in the middle of exams?! T__T) and kinda just went home. Also because I utterly failed that exam and was really really depressed ;_; and just wanted to get home and RAWRT_TA;LSKDFJASL;DKFJALSKDJF about the whole thing. x.x
(thanfully, I've been doing spectacularly well in chem during the rest of the year, so my overall mark is still okay. not a pretty mark, but it could've been a lot worse. T_T)
I was in such deep shit over that >.> Got chewed out by the teacher and asked to reflect (god I hate that "You need to reflect on yourself" thing. GRAWRD<<
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<d<)>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

(ah, it is misleading? probably other factors in there? XD)
but it is epicly hilarious. (Y)

ahh, excellent. <33 -glomps!!!- ^___^ I look forward to it! (tho do specify which are dubious. XD I will be in a school after all... won't want to traumatize everyone. XD)

Yeah well >.>
OH YOU'VE DONE THAT TOO? XDDD I once forgot there was a music lesson arranged after our chemistry exam (hello who arranges lessons right in the middle of exams?! T__T) and kinda just went home. Also because I utterly failed that exam and was really really depressed ;_; and just wanted to get home and RAWRT_TA;LSKDFJASL;DKFJALSKDJF about the whole thing. x.x
(thanfully, I've been doing spectacularly well in chem during the rest of the year, so my overall mark is still okay. not a pretty mark, but it could've been a lot worse. T_T)
I was in such deep shit over that >.> Got chewed out by the teacher and asked to reflect (god I hate that "You need to reflect on yourself" thing. GRAWRD<<<D<) and yeah. x.x -facepalm-
That teacher isn't particularly fond of me either >.>...

-amuuused at bio lingo- I traded bio for lovely lovely lit this year, so I kinda don't understand that exactly. XD 'cause we get to choose our subjs in sec 3: we can take triple science (chem phy bio) or double science and one humanities subject. For double science it HAS to be chem+phy or chem+bio 'cause chem is compulsory. For humanities we can choose either advanced literature<3, history, geography, or chinese literature. But only three people in the WHOLE LEVEL of over 400 people so they couldn't start a class. XDDDDDD

Haha oh dear. I see much confusion in my future~ XD
But violin will probably remain a constant in my life. It's been here for ten years after all. <3 And piano has been here for... er, four? Something like that. XD
Good luck and all the best with your studies! ^^

Haha yes, snow gets horrible when it turns into... slush, right? But falling snow really does look awfully pretty. ^^

Oh and (regarding your earlier comment which I forgot to reply XD) travelling is awesome! <3 I love going to new places, and I love plane rides too. XDDD Even though plane food tends to be plain food XD and applying for visas is D<<<<<<<<< (I'm always dumped with applying for visas, whether it's for myself or my parents or my grandparents >.>... I'm kinda a secretary in my home. XD) I've only been in China, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic though. (stopping by in an airport in Thailand while on the way to New York does not count XD)
...it actually looks like a lot of places... but well, I've only been to the US and Europe once, this year and two years ago. Both were school trips XD and music-related.
And even though I'm Chinese, I've only gone back to China once, six years ago. x.x As for Malaysia, I've been to the Cameron Highlands (which are pretty! and the air is nice and fresh <3 also, they have strawberry farms and butterfly farms and tea plantations. ^^) once, and it was nice. I went to Malacca for a school trip, and that was fun. XD

So I travel very little, aside from school trips. XD

You've ridden in a sleigh? AWESOME! <3 -amused- Yeah we tend to remember what leaves the strongest impression... x) I have a very long memory for things that are interesting in my childhood. For example, I remember going to the park with my childhood best friend (lost contact after I moved) and cutting the grass with a pair of tiny green scissors. I also remember seeing someone write calligraphy using a brush and a pail water on the cement ground in a park. I took a twig and tried to do the same. XD I also remember stuff like... oh, having a metal pencilcase which was very hard to open! I was a tiny kid then. My deskmate and I were trying to open it together. XD And in the end, the thing flew open with a huge CLANG =____= Thus I got scolded by the teacher on the first day of school. Well, kindergarten.


11th Oct, 2010 16:57 (UTC)
Yeah, basically even if we had less men and NO guns, tanks or aircraft, we still had a surprising amount of advantages. First, it was a really, really cold winter and the Soviets didn't have any proper equipment for that weather, some even died by freezing (...) and and they invaded a scarcely habited area, so they used just the few narrow roads there were. We were on our home turf, knew the area, had proper snowsuits (both warm and white for camouflage) so we could just appear from the woods, stop the first and last tank and just pick them off after. XD Also, we were all united. There had been a civil war, but we still went against Soviets without fighting among ourselves. And they weren't too happy about to come here in the first place. Plus, we kind of stole their equipment when we didn't have any. I remember there was this one dude who killed some seventy Russians with his hunting rifle. XD ...I am such a history nerd. XD

Yeah, I'll try and send some in a while, when I get fed up pretending to study. XD

...Yeah. So you got chewed? Honestly, I just get away with everything! O___o Way to make me a responsible, moral citizen! XD Also, I think this has made me lazy - I could even get away with not studying! During my three years I never once did my homework in advanced math. I passed the six-hour final exam anyway. (not a pretty mark, but I passed. XD) But then, I had, like, twenty different subjects and passed everything like that. I even got the best grade in creative writing when I just wrote every single text the previous evening. XD

I hope you do well in your studies, too! &hearts Also, you could probably do me in with musical vocabulary. XD

Yeah, never fly with British Airlines, the food is... English. XD And twelve hours in a plane was not fun anymore. Plus, you could form dangerous blood clots (thrombus) by sitting that long, and then you might have a heart attack or a stroke. =___= (Lol, biology is there, making you paranoid XD) Buut, I have been to Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, France (fainted in the line for Eiffel Tower), Spain (we have family there), Italy, Vatican, Sicily (I ran into gangsters and later got thrown out of a cathedral. XD), Malta, Marocco, Tunisia, Japan (most awesome trip ever. *___* We lived on ramen. Also, we ran into yakuza)and now Britannia. But I wish I had traveled more out of Europe. ^^ Also, I have been on the Amsterdam airport, Holland filled every single clishée from tulips to wooden clogs right there. XD

I remember punching a boy in the nose when he got on my nerves, when I was in kindergarten. He got a nosebleed. ^^;; I also remember there was a glass pyramid in our old yard. There were men in suits far down underneath, we always tried to get their attention by banging on the glass. XD And I remember going out alone one winter night. It was December and very cold, my cheeks burned from it. Snow fell very slowly. &hearts
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