uzumaki_rakku's Journal

Penname on ff.net: uzumaki rairakku. I have published some fics (:

I love Kakashi, Naruto and of course KakaNaru is my OTP. ;D

I write fics, I read fics. I love reading a well-written fic, which is why I spend more and more time on the kakanaru community. ^^

I love to admire good artwork, though I myself can't draw to save my life.

I think of myself as a reeeeeeeeeeeeally silly girl sometimes, and I'm afraid it's very true.

I'm... very flail-y. Not literally, but, uh, mooodflail-y?

The following is copied from my ff.net profile (-lazyyy-) :
Name: Current penname's uzumaki rairakku. My real name's far, far from that...
Age: Believe it or not, fifteen.
Birthday: 29 July. Yup, I'm a Leo.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black hair and black eyes. My hair's long, and somehow it's wavy. Dunno how that happened oO. I'm not short, but I'm not very tall either. I'm a few cm shorter than Naruto's current height, I think.

I set extremely high standards when it comes to fics, be it for fics I read or fics I write. Nowadays I won't read anything that isn't well-written. And I won't post anything that hasn't been edited 12903487129057 times until I'm satisfied with how it is, 'cause I don't ever want to post badfic again. I know, pretty much everyone starts off with writing a badfic or two (or three and more, but that's for those who really can't write. at all.) but I just... can't stand badfics anymore.

I'm still hoping my writing will "mature", in a sense. (No, I don't mean explicit.) What I mean is... I want a writing style that's natural and confident and just plain good, something that's unique and something that is neither too idealistic or childishly emo. I don't want to be just a fangirl writing meaningless crap. I want to write something that is good and interesting and enjoyable and just -- I want to be a good writer. If not, at least I want to know I'm constantly improving. I think that's something that will come as I grow up and mature as a person. I know I've improved over the years, which makes me really really glad 'cause I used to be a really silly kid (still am, though not as much as before...).

Hmm, and as you can see, I'm kinda rambly sometimes. Those who know me personally would also know that I blog an Epic amount. XD

If I ever stop loving anime and Naruto and KakaNaru, I want someone to smack me real hard ten times and shove me back, headfirst, into all that.